What We Are & What We Do Foodways Menki Asia

About Us

Foodways Menki Asia Pte Ltd is a noodle machines supply company based in Singapore . The company is a joint venture between Sanuki Menki Japan and Highlight Holding Singapore as well as Foodways Menki Shanghai, China. We have been selected by Sanuki Menki Japan to be the Sole Agent of noodles machine in South East Asia.

Foodways Menki Asia Pte Ltd is dedicated in provide comprehensive solutions to the customer starting from development of noodle making, cooking lecture, and machine maintenance.

We provide various noodles machine and we also offer business support for opening new udon and ramen restaurants in terms of technical guidance for noodle making ,cooking recipes , shop layouts and menu proposals.

Our Vision & Mission

  • To produce the highest quality equipment’s and services surpassing all our customer’s expectations.
  • To constantly challenge ourselves to provide the best to our customer.
  • To continuously upgrade ourselves to keep up with advancements in technology.
  • To understand, advice and deliver the most cost effective solution.
  • To provide the complete solutions to our customers in terms of business management

What We Provide

  • Noodles School
  • Product Development & Sales Training
  • Machine Supply  & Maintenance Service